Soft Opening

Since November, I’ve been working on this self-hosted online shop. Storenvy, which is the platform I’ve used since I started back in 2012, has changed over the years, as everything does.

My main issue with it as of recently was that some countries are blocked from shopping at storenvy shops, and with equal importance, was the fact that Storenvy adds a fee to every order.

My whole notion of putting the shipping and handling in the listed price is to make it easier for visitors to know exactly the amount they’re paying from the get go, because I’m a heavy online shopper and I hate when I see a thing I’m eager to own but be bumped out when I checkout and see the shipping price.

Since that fee was added, it’s been really annoying me. Not to mention that design-wise, I’ve been limited.

So, for the last 3 months, I’ve been banging my head against the wall for all things that I didn’t know yet in the end had to learn to have the online shop I feel comfortable calling mine.

The biggest addition to the shop as of right now, is the digital products. I’ve added all my sketchbooks which were kindly funded by ma patrons. And I’ve added an acrylic keychain of the grey bros fighting, as they often like to do.

It’s on old design from 2012 which I never reprinted even though it was seller. I’ve neglected all accessories and merchandise for the past 3 years or so, but I’m excited to put more time into it from here on.

This blog section is a way to share information on all products, old and upcoming. Processes and other information I feel would be helpful to people owning their own similar business.

For the time being, thank you for stopping by!


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