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All orders are shipped from Amman, Jordan

Yes. You can buy the books from WIDESCREEN in Sweifiyeh.
Unfortunately, other products aren't available in-store and are only available online at the moment.

Phone: 07 7581 1627
Link: Facebook

Other than the above listed shops in Jordan, this online shop is the only place where you can get these products.

If you've bought any of the products from a seller (from 2021 onward), please contact me.
Legal actions will be taken against anyone who sells my products without agreement.

All listed prices are in US dollars.

After you add products to cart, checkout and place and order; you will receive a confirmation email with your order number.

  • Make sure your e-mail is correct and working.
  • Check your spam/junk folder if you didn't receive the e-mail.
  • Keep note of the order number for any future inquires you might send.
  • It's important to whitelist the confirmation e-mail to receive all the updates regarding your order, including tracking number when it's shipped.
  • You can also create an account to keep track of purchase history and all updates regarding your orders.

I don't offer cancellations and I can't make changes after your order has been placed (including forgetting to use discount code , changing products, delivery method, shipping addresses, etc.)

Check your products and quantities in cart carefully before checking out.

I sell to individuals and don't offer bulk-orders for other sellers. I hold the right to cancel any orders with a big quantity from the same product.

I currently don't offer gift wrapping.

I'm very sorry to say that I can't. It's truly very humbling that you'd want that and it means to you, however, as of December 2019, I've stopped signing books after their release.

Books are offered signed while they are up for pre-orders and for a short while after the release. My time and the shop's management system doesn't allow me to go over orders for signing and special requests at the moment.

Thank you for understanding!

I'm sorry but I don't offer product reservation.

The phone number is only to be used by your local post office for delivery or updates when needed.

Paypal is the only available option right now.

All payment are processed through Paypal which is secure and is the most trusted online payment solutions on the web. 

Customers may need to pay VAT tax or import charges upon receiving goods. This shop does not have any control over these charges and is not responsible for international taxes, duties or customs fees, and that is the sole responsibility of the customer.
Shipping is available worldwide.If you want to order and can't find your country upon checkout, please contact me so that I can check directly with shipping services in my country on whether they ship to your country.

You will receive a confirmation mail once the order is shipped.

Order processing time: 1-3 business days

Pre-order Products: 
Orders that include pre-order items will be shipped together after the release date. 
Please refer to the description about the release date.

Shipping is calculated based on weight, so it differs depending on the items in your cart. 

DHL:Upon confirming your order, you'll get an e-mail with a link for tracking.

I am very sorry!

While I, or whoever is in charge, check and double check the order, mistakes happen. 

If you received a wrong product or your package is missing a product, kindly Contact me about it with your order number, and I'll ship the missing product free of charge using the shipping method you chose.

If the item is out-of-stock at the time, I'll fully refund its price.
I apologize for the inconvenience!

Make sure to read the description and the photos of the product before buying as some products have faults that are mentioned is text/photos.

In rare circumstance that the item you've ordered has faults (eg. out-of-order or missing pages in books which I look out for intently, but sometimes occurs due to the printing books in bulk), contact me with order number and photos and I will send you a replacement free of charge. 

Apologies for the inconvenience.

All the products are brand new, packaged in a brand new plastic cover and shipped in a high-quality padded envelope.
Clear files, paper products and thin books are attached to thick cardboard so they won't be bend.

Under the rare circumstance that a package is damaged, I cannot be held responsible (though I will do my best to assist).

In many cases, custom officers are rough with packages and they randomly open up brand new products, and don't put them back correctly in their packaging. Unfortunately, in such case I can't do anything as customs have complete right to verify the shipment.

Unclaimed Packages 

Packages that arrived to the customer's destination but aren't claimed within 14 days, will be returned to origin and I reserve the right to charge you a handling fee to cover packaging, import tax and return shipping (if applicable).

No refunds are acceptable if you don't want the package anymore.

Forgotten Packages

The tracking of a package expires after 2 months. If you've forgotten about your order without contacting me about it during that time period, I can’t help you after that and no refunds will be available.

If there’s a fault in a product or you’ve received a wrong product, I will send out a replacement free-of-charge, and you can keep the products you’ve received.

Other than that, all orders are final and there are no returns/refunds.

If there’s no reason for the exchange (fault/wrong), I don’t offer exchange service.


Books are always going to be restocked. There might be a delay depending on the cost of the reprint because reprinting old volumes doesn't have the same amount of incoming orders as a new release naturally.

Logbook 1 + 2 are discontinued.


Upon selling out, current stationary/Merchandise products  will be discontinued for the foreseeable future and will be listed in their own section for reference.
When a sold-out item is going to be restocked, it'll move to the Coming Soon section.

The cost of these products combined with shipping, customs and taxes make it very hard to order big number of stock or restock often.

I print my books and postcards in Jordan.

Other products were made using the following services/websites:

  • Zap Creatives
  • JIMI Agency
  • Nyan Fire!!

Unfortunately I don't have the time to make tutorials.
However, the websites I use and have listed above provide helpful templates and easy tutorials to follow.

Most products are priced based on cost of producing, shipping, any taxes/customs and packaging, when there is.
I add a little bit for profit and the vague compensation I put for my effort in bring the content to book format.

Digital Books are priced based on content. Some exclusive zines or future volumes/chapters are priced almost as much as a physical book, however, they mean to me and are like a personal journal documenting the creations I make at any given period of time.

Original Art/Manga Pages are priced based on my personal opinion about it and the emotional connection I have with it. Sometimes I consider the time and medium used, but it's mostly my own estimation of what it costs in the realm of mt feelings.

Originals are a personal piece of art that goes to only one person, and that's why it's usually priced fairly high.

The Spanish Edition of Grey is... (volume 1-4) are available at the Milkyway Ediciones website.
Kindly contact the publisher if you have any questions about the out of stock volumes or any future volumes releases.

No they aren't available on amazon.

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