Grey is... Volumes: Old vs. New

Grey is... Volumes: Old vs. New

A very valid question:

What is the difference between the old and the new volumes?


1. The first edition of volumes 1-6 are printed on different lighter texture-less paper. When Volumes 1-4 went out stock, and volume 5 and 6 had less than 20 books, I knew I'll have to switch to the creamy textured paper that I used in volumes 7-9.

Problem: the textured paper is thicker.
Solution: I have to fix the margins and add proper inner margin for the gutter.

2. I was revisiting the older volumes while I was writing volume 9 and the one after, because story-wise, some of the old events are to be mentioned, and while reading I came across many problems with the way I wrote and arranged the older pages. I was a 100% noob then. A few lines were even thought about in Arabic -my mother tongue- then written in English. The reading experience of volume 1 was often frustrating because even I, the one who wrote it, had to stop and reread to get who is saying the bubble I'm reading.

Problem: Many chapters, especially the first 10 have many mistakes in flow and a mess of bubble arrangement
Solution: I revisited and with 10 years of manga creating, I worked as an editor and fixed the earlier chapters to make the pages easier to follow and overall better.

3. I couldn't help but notice that even though I hired a proofreader for the first editions, much of it needed further proofreading.

Problem: Printed books have language mistakes.
Solution: hire a new proofreader to go over all the books.

Quick Q&A


1. Did you redraw the old volumes?

I touched up some of the art. Like moving facial features and fixing chins, but overall redrawing? No.
I only redrew the dust jackets.

2. Is there any changes to the story?


3. Change in dialogue?

Yes, some.
A few lines were re-written because I understand language and writing better now. Some changed after the back-and-forth with the new reader to write the lines in a way that deliver my intent as a writer.
A few were reverted back to how I had originally written them, and which were changed by the older proofreader. One or two lines were removed because they serve no purpose or work to confuse the dialogue/monologue more than it helped.

4. Which books were changed the most?

Volumes 1 and 2 needed much work.

5. Are volumes 5-6 revisited as well?

Yes, revisited and re-proofread. The changes are minimal though, especially in volume 7. A New Edition will be printed for the 2nd Box Set to match the paper and book format with the two other books in the box.

6. Book Format?

All the pages in the new editions are numbered and every book (outside of those that are a special case content-wise) start with a title page, a table of contents page, a cast page and a 'previously' section.

oh yes, there are subtitles of each book now.


The covers without the dust jackets.


left is the new edition
new edition on the right
White is centered in the new edition.
prolonged this monologue, page-wise, because it was too crowded in the original.
If you want to see more, you can always check the new pages on the official website. I update the pages to match the ones in the new editions of the books.


I spend a year and a half on these new editions.
These are the final editions of these books and are the ones I'm happiest with and most proud to give to other as my work.
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