Important notice for recent/future customers

Important notice for recent/future customers

Greetings everyone!
I hope you've been doing well and staying safe~
This blog post is to address all issues and inquiries about the products offers and shipping-related matters.
Besides the limited countries allowed to ship to via the usual shipping method I use which is Non-Priority Registered Air Mail, here is a list of additional info I learned from recent orders, to keep in mind before placing an order because unfortunately, there is nothing on my end to do in regards to the following issues if risen:

Shipping time:

Please consider that it's taking way longer than usual for packages to ship to destination.
The main airport in Jordan is still closed so all shipping is being handled by private companies that own their own planes for logistics, and I imagine to keep the usual shipping rates, they group all packages in HQ before sorting.
For example, here is the tracking for two packages which I dropped off to post office on July 14th;
One was headed to Saudi Arabia and took around 18 days to arrive exchange office in SA , the other to Germany and it needed over 20 days to be marked in transit towards destination.
Both still need to be cleared by Customs and delivered.
So we're talking over a month at the least.


It was brought to my attention by a customer from the US that packages are being held at customs in Chicago for you to go and get it yourself, which in this specific case was too much of a hassle.

I can't speak for all orders from the US, but I thought I'd add this here because most countries are holding packages in customs for inspection and sometimes to return.

Things are changing by the day, so I can't be sure how each country is going about international packages.


Other shipping options?

There is EMS, and as far as I gathered, I have more countries I can ship to with this method. The only problem is the naturally the price.

For one book that is around 350g in weight and $15 in base price, the shipping + packaging price will start at $30-$45 depending on destination.

That's $45-$60 for a book, and that's not considering if there are any customs + import fees in destination country.

I could add the option but that needs a lot of time to set up at the time, when I'm not sure if anyone would be even interested in paying that much without knowing the risks.

So I'll leave it upon special requests via the contact page if anybody wants.

Reason for limited products available to purchase:

As I previously wrote, I have limited products to offer, mainly volume 8 because it's the most recent release.
When my country abruptly announced quarantine back in March, I had 17 outgoing orders which half of them included all 6 available volumes. Only a small number of these packages were ever received to destination, the rest were returned to me and subjected to import and delivery tax, or are lost/stuck somewhere at the moment.
It's an unusual situation we're all going through so I ended up refunding all undelivered packages which was a month's worth of income.
That's the main reason I'm not offering all books at the moment. A loss of one book that I have the largest stock of isn't like a bulk of books that are running out in stock.

Specific book request:

If you've read all of the above and still would like to place an order and have a specific book request (from volumes 1,4,5,6,7), drop me a message through the contact page and I'll send you the paypal page to complete purchase.
Maximum books per package is 2
each book price is $15
Check Estimated shipping charges depending on your area, keeping in mind that a book is at least 350g in weight.
After spending the past house and a half gathering info and writing it here, it crosses my mind to just close the shop until things settle if I'm being completely honest, and I'm definitely leaning towards doing that by the end of the month.
Volume 8 is now fully out for patrons who pay $10/month and is updating weekly for patrons paying $5/month, so while I understand people wanting to own the book and rather read it that way, it was meant to be a printed book after all, given everything, it's only safer for all parties involved to hold off on sales until the situation is clearer.

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