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Rain Kids Acrylic Stands Back in stock before becoming discontinued

Posted by dee Juusan on

Rain Kids Stands Set is back in stock but won't be reprinted for a long while when it's sold out.

Customs in Jordan are in what I feel, is an unannounced transitional state and nothing is clear after implementing new regulations late 2019.

This resulted in me paying +70% of the price I paid for production and shipping in taxes and other fees.

The main reason of the unavailability of new products or reprint of old ones is mainly this.

Let's hope I find a better way to handle all this (as a registered business) in the future. From the looks of it right now, it wouldn't change much since I'm only printing small quantities, but we'll have to wait and see, for now.

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  • This is… mildly not mildly infuriating. It’s so sad that such things stand in the way to be able tho share what you would like to share. I really hope it really will sort itself out. It would be so sad if it stays like this! :bglare:
    Do you even get all your production cost covered wit the price considering the ammount of taxes and fees you had to pay?
    I was wondering in general…Is there a way to add money to the purchase? Like…In case…let’s say…someone wants to buy a book but finds the pricing too low… /do you have Kofi?

    CoryKotatsu on

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