📦 Shipping prices

Unfortunately, due to COVID, cheaper and insured methods have been canceled in my country. This is the cheapest and most reliable method I could get.

📚 Sold out Books

Manga volumes will always be restocked but there’s no timeframe for their release right now. The plan is to reprint them in the first half of 2022.

I will announce the release of the new editions on all my social media accounts and on the shop page.

Volume 2+3: sold out
Volume 4+5: low quantity

🏷 Product badges

I’ve added product badges to make sale and low quantity products pop out.

People continuously ask about sold out books so I added a badge about them being restocked in the future, which will be changed to coming soon once I start printing any of the first 3 books.


There’s a sale currently on all keychains/charms till volumes 1-3 are back in stock, while stock lasts.

🖥 Volume 8 and Volume 9 ebooks

Now that volume 8 finished updating, it’ll be out as a pdf soon. As for volume 9, I’m considering adding it to the shop, with a wallpaper and the handbook, for the same price of the physical book.

I don’t release ebooks before they’re out publicly on website, but these times call for different and new decisions.

⬛️ Volume 9 limited edition

There might be extra limited packages. I’m not sure yet, but it seems that there will be some extra copies from the items that are in the mystery box, so I might restock this edition.

It will be higher in price though, because 1. it’s literally extra limited. 2. It’s only fair for those who tried hard to get the limited package first time around.

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Hello, thanks for your work, I think it would be an incredible idea to sell volume 9 as an ebook, because the shipping price is exagereted and I hope a lot of people would like this version too!

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