General Fixes

I touched up some of the art. Like moving facial features and fixing chins, but overall redrawing? No.
I only redrew the dust jackets.
• Most changes are related to the look, format and overall aesthetic for the books as a series to provide a better reading experience.
• The books were re-proofread.
• I had to fix the margins and add proper inner margin for the gutter.
• Many chapters, especially the first 10 have many mistakes in flow and are a mess in regards to bubble arrangement, so I revisited those and with the 10 years of manga creating I have under my belt, I worked as an editor and fixed the earlier chapters to make the pages easier to follow and read.
• The books have slogans now.

There are some slight changes in dialogue/monologue:
• A few lines were re-written because I understand language and writing better now.
• Some changed after the back-and-forth with the new proofreader to write the lines in a way that deliver my intent as a writer.
• A few were reverted back to how I had originally written them, and which had been changed by the older proofreader at the time.
• One or two lines were removed because they serve no purpose or confuse the dialogue/monologue more than it helped.
Volumes 1 and 2 needed the most work so they're the ones that were most changed.

* The special format of volume 5 and the unfolding events of volumes 7 made it so that these two books don't follow this format