[E-book] Sketchbook: Random Studies and Sketches 2013-2015


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Hands Studies 2013

This PDF file contains 37 pages of hand sketches. 80% of the sketches are referenced from the book “Drawing Dynamic Hands” by Burne Hogarth, while the rest of the sketches are drawn from life or imagination.

January 2015 sketchbook

28 pages in which I drew gesture drawings, thumbnails for future illustrations and studies from life, photos and art books.

anatoMay 2015 study sketchcards

In May 2015, I started a challenge of studying anatomy for 31 days and I did a sketchcard each day. Some cards ended up like a set when I felt a certain part needs more understanding, while others were body parts picked randomly.

Here is the 31 cards of anatoMay, in a zip file.