I put a lot of work this past month to make this place as professional and easy to navigate as possible.

All orders placed on January 19th and after will be shipped starting January 26th.

Here is a list of new things in the shop:


Mild Defects:

I added a new section to sell products that have minor faults at a cheaper price. Make sure to view the images carefully before ordering, and feel free to contact me if you're not sure.


I've separated the shipping price from the listed price for books unlike how things were for the past 9 years. There was a change in shipping charges in my country. Packaging is still included in price, and I'm looking for more options for those who want a faster or more insured methods, but my options are very limited.

If I managed to find a good service, I'll post about it.

All other products have the shipping and packaging price in listed price.


I've tried to make things as easy and clear as possible. Some legals pages are required to best run a business, however I tried to add a simpler version of what's written in these pages at the top of the page.

It's most important to kindly check the shop policy, refund/return policy and FAQs before placing an order so everything is clear for you.

Coming Soon...:

The Coming soon page, right now, showcases all the products that are to come throughout the year. You can use the newsletter form below to subscribe and get an e-mail when new products are out.

I will post about new products on my social media accounts, and I might make a schedule once things settle down and sales are a good pace.


I like to keep my old sold-out items for reference, price, business and design wise. However, I often get messages from people about certain products and whether they'll be back in stock, so I thought this page will make things easier for all of us.


I'm still adding sold-out items, and there are a few art cards and a bunch of original manga pages I want to put up for sale as well.

 But for the most part, everything is up and running as planned.

Thank you for reading!

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Got 2 books(vol1&8) My next mission is to collect the rest of the volumes!!!😤😤
Thanks so much for all your hard work.

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