Shipping dates for January

Shipping dates for January

When there is a large number of orders, I drop off packages to the post office in batches with 3-4 days apart, to make sure no new packages would be added to the heaps at the main post office until the previous batch is registered in system and at the outward office. That way hopefully, no packages would get lost or delayed.

Unexpectedly but surely appreciated, a big number of orders came in upon opening the shop in January, so a schedule is needed.


Order Number Date of Shipping
1012 - 1023 January 25th shipped
1011 & 1024 - 1033 January 28th shipped
1034 - 1047 January 30th shipped


  • Dates might be affected by weather conditions. News about any changes will be posted here and shared on twitter.
  • Check your order confirmation e-mail for. your order number.
  • Check your inbox for your shipping notification e-mail and save the tracking number. Read about shipping and tracking here
  • If you don't receive an e-mail check your spam/junk box.

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