July Newsletter: Limited Opening + New digital book

July Newsletter: Limited Opening + New digital book

My online shop is currently open for the weekend and for now, only the manga books and art books are available for purchase.

The last batch of orders back in March before the lockdown were much delayed and some still undelivered, so while I doubt there will be another quarantine in the foreseeable future, I know that many countries still are or have slow postal services so I want to be cautious.

New product:

I'm collecting all my personal work, general and Greyis related in digital books, A retrospective of a sort.

I don't think I would print these any time soon, if ever, because I have sold out manga volumes that I need to work on and the backlog I have of Greyis is so massive it'll need a fortune to the side to print these in greyscale and colors.

The first volume of the Retrospective of the year 2010 is available now for purchase at a sale price for a limited time.

It's a 184 page book (incl. cover) with everything I created in the first year of Greyis before the first chapter was released on November 2010. You'll find colored illustrations, planning, character sheets, am enormous amount of sketches building up the characters/relationships and the scripts for the original first 8 chapters of the story, which I personally totally forgot I've written, and which are a bit different from how the story ended up to be.

Buy Grey is... Retrospective: 2010


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