Latest News: February 2022

Latest News: February 2022

📦 No EMS Shipping

EMS was available for the Arab region and some countries for which it offers a better rate, however due to the complications it caused during the shipping of Vol9’s pre-orders, it is now unavailable.

Long story short;

On a rainy day, I went to the post office in my area and the lady there told me there’s no ink in the printer (to print out the orders and needed paper), so I drove to the post office in the next area and the girl there tells me she has no bags or shipping labels, so I drive back to my area and get bags and labels from there, and then back to the 2nd office to deliver the shipments where there’s ink in the printer.

You’d ask why don’t I complain or pull a Karen and ask for the manager… well, if I were to complain, those working ladies are the ones that will be affected because, despite them continuously sending addressing these shortages in supplies, nothing changes and the manager who knows the reality of things will deny and blame in on them.


🗂 Volume 9 e-book

Because of the expensive shipping prices, I’ve decided to add volumes 9 as an e-book.

It is available as a whole book, divided by chapters, or with the handbook. I also added volume 8 and both art books as e-books. Newly added e-books are available in both PDF and CBZ formats.

Check E-Books sections

📚 Sold-out volumes

The reprinting of the new editions of volumes 1-5 is on hold for the foreseeable future.

Due to health reasons, that are not serious but requires attention, I postponed my plan to reprint the earlier volumes. I might stick to the plan in regards to revisiting and editing them, but I don’t plan to print any of the finished books this year.

I still have copies of volumes 1, which I might add to the “Mild Defects” section for those who want the original version, but I don’t feel like selling that edition anymore.

  • Hey! As a very old follower who just stumbled upon your page again, I want to say that first of all I hope you will feel better soon and get some rest :3
    and I noticed that you said you don’t feel like selling the old edition of your manga anymore, while I understand that from an artist’s perspective, just wanted to tell you that I had pre-ordered the first 3 volumes of Grey Is… and I still love reading them or going through them. They were the first books I carried with me while moving countries. Just wanted to make sure to let you know that your older artwork is also being loved and cherished :3 Get well soon!

    Gamze on
  • I wish I could think of something to say other than what feels like a generic response, but I really hope you’ll be in better health soon and that you’ll get time for yourself too, to rest and do things you enjoy! I’m thinking of you, your boys, and furry companions often. Committing you to God in prayer too!

    Jay on

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