Volume 9 Pre-orders shipping status

Packages for Jordan

Signing: 100%
Packaging: 100%
Released: 02/February/2022 (possible delay due to weather conditions)





International Packages Shipping Schedule

• Packages will be shipped in batches throughout January for reasons related to invoicing and packing supplies restocking.

• EMS packages will be a little bit slower to ship out and it’s related to the post office and its system.

• If you ordered the special edition with the mystery box, I advise you to have someone you trust check the package and place any items inside the box in case it was opened by customs at your country.


 Order number
Method  Status 
1250-1256, 1258, 1260-1266, 1268-1273 DHL shipped on Jan 17th
1257, 1259, 1267, 1288 EMS shipped on Jan 19th
1274-1286, 1289-1294 DHL shipped on Jan 19th
1295-1318 DHL shipped on Jan 22nd
1319-1325, 1327, 1334-1349 DHL shipped on Jan 25th
1326, 1328, 1330-1331, 1345 EMS shipped on Jan 24th
1350-1354, 1357-1363, 1367-1372 DHL Possible delay due to weather conditions
1356, 1366 EMS Possible delay due to weather conditions
1329, 1375-1388, 1390-1395, 1399-1401, 1403-1411 DHL Possible delay due to weather conditions
1389, 1396-1397, 1402, 1329 EMS Possible delay due to weather conditions


Kindly check your e-mail/spam for your order shipping information and tracking.

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hi, I was in middle of moving so I couldn’t order for my address wasn’t certain, now I’m so sad that the pre-order ended I was so exited for volume9 to be my first -to me gift in my new house, is there any chance that you will open it again? many thanks

Sanaa Mohammad

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